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Jonathan Levi – Superlearner The Master Class


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


Memorize numbers, facts, or concepts instantly

Retain & maintain your memories forever

Learn new languages or words effortlessly

Never forget a face or a name again

Apply to anything from history to music

Read as fast as 800 words per minute

Increase focus, attention, and enjoyment

Deconstruct any learning challenge quickly

Harness neuroscience to your advantage

Waste less time learning the boring way

14+ hours of video

All new and improved video
lectures, re-written for 2017.
3X what we offer anywhere else!

17 worksheets

All-new, comprehensive
worksheets to train and apply
what you learn

Exclusive discussions

Chat directly with the instructors
and get answers!

exclusive lectures on
advanced topics

Exclusive, in-depth interviews
with the world’s top memory experts & coaches

Official completion certificate:
Printable Diploma &
LinkedIn accredidation

Section 1: Introduction & Setting Yourself Up for Success 20:19

Section 2: Understanding Your Memory (So You Can Improve It!) 44:09

Section 3: The Incredible Power of Visual Memory 16:14

Section 4: Mental Markers: Visual Memory Meets Learning 83:32

Section 5: Systems For Creating & Maintaining Long Term Memories 49:17

Section 6: Pre-Reading and Preparation 20:07

Section 7: Read With Your Eyes, Not With Your Inner Voice 38:43

Section 8: Let’s Speed Things Up! 55:52

Section 9: Good Learning Habits 40:07

Section 10: Applying Your New Skills to Anything and Everything 62:34

-MasterClass Bonuses- – Check Back Often for Updates! 364:55

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