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Jonathan Royle – Secrets of Hypnotic Success


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Jonathan Royle ( is a Master Hypnotist and a Mind Magician who even was consulted for Hypnosis TV programs.

In great demand as a Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Success Coach and Trainer in all areas of Mind Control – Programming and Therapy, Royle has in recent years also promoted, advised and consulted for many other top names in the industry!

These have included people such as Andrew Newton (The Man Who Taught Paul McKenna) – Robert Phipps (Self Growth Official Guide to Body Language) – Barrie St. John (Self Growth Guide to Hypnotherapy) – Nik Speakman and Eva Speakman (Television Celebrity Life Coaches The Speakmans) – Tom Bolton & Beverley Anderson (Creators of Freeway-Cer Meridian Therapies) – Tom Silver (Americas Favourite Television Hypnotist) and in all cases Royles Expertise and unrivalled business/seminar coaching has helped take their projects to the next stage!

Most recently Royle was featured in a project ?NLP Masters Of Passive Income? which was launched by James Lavers and enabled Royle’s unique marketing & success insights & secrets to be shared alongside his colleagues Jamie Smart (Salad Ltd) – Nick Kemp & Marc Hogan!

How much is your future happiness and success worth to you?

Do you want to earn more money without leaving your home?

Expand your complementary treatment practice with fresh options in new exciting fields?

Develop new skills which will guarantee additional income?

Buy the new 11-Part Hypnotic Marketing video set (with bonus audio-ROM and Other Methods to Make Easy Money) and learn Mind Therapy methods and Hypnotic Business Expansion techniques which are guaranteed to give you financial and professional success.

* How to break into the lucrative fields of Corporate Stress Management and Hypnotherapy

* How to employ your skills as a personal Hypnotic ?Sports Psychologist? for well-known sports teams

* How to create a good reputation and credibility for yourself to attract A-list clients like celebrities

* How to attract ten times more clients – and help them solve their problems without you ever leaving home!

* How to get people like travel agents, driving instructors – even the local zoo – to act as your ?agent? and get new clients through their referrals

* How to advertise your expertise by appearing in television and radio shows

* How to make more money from a single 90-minute group hypnotherapy session than other therapists make in a month.
For example, one of Royle’s ingenious marketing tips is to simply change the title of Hypnotherapist to Clinical Hypnotic Consultant. A very minor adjustment that translates to better business because it would allow a ?Clinical Hypnotic Consultant? to raise her hourly fees without much effort! These and other common sense marketing techniques, which you cannot find in any other marketing references, can all be found in the Hypnotic Marketing video Set. The video’s also tackle the following marketing strategies:

* Make a fortune from merchandising and gain more clients by giving free public lectures and demonstrations

* Generate huge profits from direct mail campaigns

* Augment your income by getting into direct selling of complementary products

* Create a simple Doctor Referral System that really works

* Identify ?Power? words that can increase client response and generate positive feedback to your advertising

* Why key rings are better in bringing in more clients rather than traditional business cards

* Effectively handle telephone enquiries to ensure that you close the sale 90% of the time

* Write effective sales letters, advertising copy and web content that will help promote your business

Don’t hesitate! Grab this amazing opportunity to achieve financial success and enhance your professional life. Order Jonathan Royle’s Hypnotic Marketing video set now.


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