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Jonathan Royle – Ultimate Hypnosis


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Most astonishing were the mind blowing SECRET’S he was prepared to both demonstrate and reveal to those present who were to say the least dumfounded and flabbergasted at many of the things they learned and witnessed during this unique weekend event.

Fortunately,the entire seminar was filmed on professional broadcast quality camera’s and is now being released on a Strictly Limited Edition Basis as a Mind Blowing Ten video Home Study Course containing powerful secrets, ploys and techniques quite unlike anything you will have ever seen, read or learned before!
The contents on this Ten video Advanced Training Course are totally unique and different from anything Royle has ever released before, in fact you’ll be amazed as you watch, witness and learn in the comfort of your own home the true, tried, tested and proven to work Advanced Esoteric Secret’s of the Master Hypnotists, including many which have been jealously guarded and hidden, until now by the select few…

Discover The Secret’s of The Ultimate Hand Shake INSTANT INDUCTION. Witness Royle gently shake a persons hand and then let go of their hand as the person falls to the floor like a sack of spuds and instantly enters a Deep Sonabulistic Trance State! YOU’LL NEVER LEARN AN INDUCTION THIS FAST ANYWHERE ELSE!

Learn the truth about Rapid Eye Movements (REM) – How to obtain them with ease and how to use them to your advantage in therapy and on stage.

You’ll find out how to make genuine chemical changes occur in the client’s brain, how to do this safely and in a manner beneficial to both you and your clients.

Exposed for the first time, Royle Reveals the true approach he uses when conducting his one session treatment approach of Complete Mind Therapy – you may have studied Royle’s CMT before and thought you knew it all, but boy this added secret is worth its weight in gold and will sky rocket your success rates and effectiveness into orbit!

Witness Royle perform “Psychic Surgery” and literally reach into his clients head, grab hold of their problem and then throw it away with the client confirming that they now feel oh so much better! Yes it may sound like Science Fiction but this really happened and you will learn how on these videoS!

Discover how Royle uses techniques of “Spiritual Healing” to help his clients and even to be a more powerful Stage Hypnotist. You’ll witness several miraculous looking demonstrations which prove these unique techniques work and of course will learn everything you’ll ever need to know to start using them yourself!

Witness Rapid Regression being used on a volunteer in order to help them change their life with ease! – The whole treatment session from start to finish taking only around 10 minutes!

Be Amazed as you witness and discover the fastest induction methods you’ll ever learn for use both in Therapy, on Stage and in everyday life!

Royle reveals the truth about Covert Hypnosis both of a verbal and non verbal manner enabling you to become a far more powerful Hypnotist.

For the first time Royle teaches you his “Real World” effective usage of NLP techniques including anchoring, pacing & leading, mirroring and matching, embedded commands, sub vocal commands, use of metaphors and magic stories and well… just about everything taught in NLP that is of use in the real world of Therapy & Stage Work!

You’ll witness Royle cure people’s phobias, eliminate problems with ease and erase deep rooted emotional problems all in treatment sessions lasting between around 5 to 12 minutes maximum, all of which get amazing results and then your taught in a simple step by step manner how Royle achieved these astonishing rapid results and how you can do the same in your work!

Learn the true secrets of Future Pacing, Disassociation, Positive Visualisation and numerous other NLP and Ericksonian Style Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques to a


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