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Josh Denning & Eddy Croft – Guru Siphon Formula


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Secrets of the Guru?s Finally Revealed Within the Guru Siphon Formula

The Guru Siphon Formula consists of six Super HD quality videos that take you by the hand to discover what high paying launches are coming and how to be invited to promote them. Not all launches are open and some require proof of many sales. Within a short period of time, you can be selling like crazy and crushing the competition. The Guru Siphon Formula can increase your sales volume so high, that you may have to decline some ?Big Game? launch invitations

* Phase 1 Module ? Sniffing Out Easy Cash Guru Promotions ? The back-door ?headquarters? for getting in on the hottest launches before they go public?
* Phase 2 Module ? Spying on the competition ? How to ethically and accurately ?spy? on your competition?s keywords (you don?t need software? and there?s nothing your competitors can do to stop you)?
* Phase 3 Module ? Quick and Dirty Campaign Creation ? The start to finish quick campaign setup to get your site to rank within days not weeks before a launch
* Phase 4 Module ? Traffic Typhoon ? How to boost SEO to every domain you use and get hordes of free traffic from secret sources
* Phase 5 Module ? Launch Week Windfall ? The ?24 hours to cart? bonus trick that can give your sales a last-minute ?power drive? boost?


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