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Joshua Crisp – Amazon FBA a – Z Seller Course


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The most in depth amazon course covers A-Z – Get access to my personal help as well as all of my templates , strategies and methods that I use! In this amazon Course I go over everything you need to know STEP BY STEP IN DEPTH WITH LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS! Literally From A-Z! Access To The Facebook Closed Group Amazon FBA A-Z – I will be sharing hot products , product ideas, tips & tricks. You can communicate with other members of the course as well as myself! Starting A entity & creating your business Creating & Setting up your seller account How to navigate seller centrals entire platform like a PRO Categories Restricted Categories & How to become Ungated Fees how they work & How to reduce them or keep them as low as possible to maximize profit! How to calculate profit & Fees prior to ordering product Product Research (conventional) Product Research (unconventional) More Product Research! Finding a supplier , Contacting a supplier, Negotiating with your supplier, How to make sure you dont get screwed over! Shipping, manufacturing, inspections, payments Creating your listing the PRO WAY, Listing optimization & MUCH MORE! How to get reviews (TOS COMPLIANT) How to make sure they are KILLER and 5* How to protect yourself from negative reviews PPC Auto PPC – Tips, tricks, methods & strategies STEP BY STEP! Manual PPC – Tips, tricks, methods & strategies STEP BY STEP! How to boost sales, boost rank & increase your profits by spiking the algorithm! protecting yourself from hijackers how to deter them and remove them social media marketing email marketing brand recognition creating a community for future product launches, promotions , reviews ETC AND MUCH MUCH MORE! THE COURSE IS APPROXIMATELY 8 HOURS LONG!!! Class Curriculum Resources From A-Z Resources & Templates 3 Killer Templates that will ensure you scare hijackers, get more 5* reviews & get faster response from manufactureres as well as THE BEST PRICING AVAILABLE! Module 1 Starting Your Amazon Business – Starting Your Entity – Staying Organized & Managing Your Business! (30:56) Acronyms & Terminology *DONT SKIP (28:29) Module 2 Creating & Setting Up Your Account (11:34) Navigating Your Dashboard (11:23) Module 3 Categories – Gated V.S Ungated – How To Become Ungated (10:23) Amazon Fees – How To Calculate Profit & Make Sure Your Product Is Profitable – How To Save $ On Fees & Maximize Profit! (15:43) Product Research Using Jungle Scout – Web & Chrome (31:09) Product Research Without Using Jungle Scout – Stay 1 Step Ahead With These Tactics Others Don’t Use! (14:03) Module 4 Finding A Supplier – Contacting A Supplier – Negotiating Tactics – Sourcing Direct Cutting Out The Middle Man (39:53) Overseas Shipping – Using A Overseas Inspection Company – Payment & How To Not Get Screwed Over! (11:24) Module 5 Creating A Listing – Optimizing Your Listing – Picture, Title, Bullets, Description – Step By Step! (34:29) How To Get 5* Reviews TOS Compliant! – What Not To Do – How To Make Your Reviews Stick Out So You Get More Sales! How To Prevent Negative Reviews (12:06) BONUS! SECRET (4:28) Module 6 Amazon Keyword Research – Tips & Tricks To Get The Best Keyword List (STEP BY STEP) (24:19) Amazon PPC (PAY PER CLICK) PT.1 (11:59) Amazon PPC PT.2 (19:41) PPC NINJA TIP TO SPIKE THE ALGORITHM & INCREASE YOUR SALES/ RANK & PROFIT! (5:46) Module 7 Maintaining Your Listing – Ranking & Inventory (10:37) How To Remove & Deter Hijackers! – Protecting Yourself As Well As Your Brand & Products (8:36) Patents – How To Protect Your Sales & Info! – How To Find Out Exactly How Many Units Your Competitors Are Selling! (4:01) Module 8 Email Marketing (For More Sales & 5* Reviews! TOS COMPLIANT) – Product Promotion Outside Of Amazon (7:56) Social Media Marketing – Ads – PPC – Brand Recognition & Building An Audience (13:42).


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