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Julie Renee – The definitive guide to meditation Series


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Here they are available just as the series they were created as, with training meditation and transcription.

Other then the Definitive Guide to Meditation and the Definitive Guide to Powerfully Generating Your Abundant Life, the remaining four should not be done as daily meditations as they are training you in specific techniques.

Training Meditations included:

#1 The Definitive Guide to Meditation ~ 3 meditations different lengths

#2 The Definitive guide to Karma Clearing

#3 The Definitive Guide to Powerfully Generating Your Abundant Life

#4 The Definitive Guide to DNA and Stem Cell

#5 The Definitive Guide to Happy Hormones ~ Tracks for Women & Men

#6 The Definitive Gide to Pain Free Living
Note: If you would like to experience the full training experience please enroll in ?Quantum Healing Secrets? and the ?Accelerate Wealth Program? .

#1: The Definitive Guide to Meditation ~ 3 meditations different lengths:

The Definitive Guide to Meditation provides you with three foundational meditations that support you in clearing, grounding and owning your multi-dimensional bodies in present time. On these core meditations we work with your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body, your Aura and Chakras as well as learn the basic tools for running universal and earth energy through your meridians and energy channels opening you to more grace and ease in your life.

*Featured Tool: Special unique present-time union, so your body and spirit are in harmony and balance.

3 Meditations for You to Use and Enjoy:

Complete beginning and intermediate meditations that introduce you to all the basic grounding, energy-running, and aura clearing tools.

Relax and enjoy this potent learning meditation and you set the groundwork from which you can flow into all other meditations.

Fast, Efficient and Effervescent

We are rapidly moving through grounding and clearing. Intended for use after you have mastered the basic techniques in the first meditation. Great for use when you wake up, or just before bed. It quickly clears and restores you back to your center and calm.

Swift, Sweet and Sparkling

This quick clear out is meant for those who have mastered the basic techniques. It is a rapid-fire meditation to prepare you for a meeting or to clear your space quickly when you need to reboot or clean up your energy on the spot!

#2 The Definitive Guide to Karma Clearing

This is great for any number of circumstances where you are looking to experience more personal freedom and joy in relationships.

Systematically clearing and releasing the energetic entanglements and enmeshments of difficult or challenging relationships. This extraordinary method of karma clearing returns your certainty, neutrality, separate, positive loving self. Ends all future contracts, removes all chords and timeline agreements as well as pulling your energy out of the relationship and into your present time life. Supporting you in Joy and Happiness, Wha Hoo!

#3 The Definitive Guide to Powerfully Generating Your Abundant Life

Manifest your passionate, fully self-expressed life. Masterful direction with Julie Renee guides you into the delightful process of creating the joyously balanced and centered life you have been longing for.

Are you anxious about your financial future?

Would you like to manifest more of what you want, and let go of the constant daily stress?

Have you been caught up in the ?rat race,? taking care of basics while your dream life has suffered as a result?

Turn yourself into a wealth magnet as all goodness
is magnetized towards you!

A fabulous interactive meditation teaches the tools and techniques needed for generating delightful shifts in manifesting your passionate, fully self-expressed life. With this medita


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