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Julie Rubio – Yoga Can Balance Your Life


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Check out this hot new Yoga video release, ‘A Complete Yoga Workout for a Complete and Balanced Life’ with San Francisco yoga instructor Julie Rubio. Take the first step to looking good and feeling great. Re-energize yourself and build the foundation for a healthier life. De-stress your mind and body. Do you feel like you never have enough time for yourself, like you are constantly being pulled in different directions. Perhaps you experience ?never being quite present.? Like when you are at work, you think of your family and loved ones, and when you are with your family or loved ones, you think about work and everything else ?you have to do.? If so, the meditative art of yoga and this video are for you. Start your personal journey toward wellness and serenity today by exploring this unique daily fitness regimen with instructor Julie Rubio. Leave your home or office for a private lesson with Julie in the ancient practice of yoga as you lose weight and improve strength, flexibility, balance, posture, vitality and circulation.

Location Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii in a lush tropical setting with the sands of Ke’Iki beach and a turquoise bay in the background, Julie’s private yoga session is aesthetically pleasing and inspiring. The gentle tradewinds, musical score, and Julie’s soothing voice combine for a mesmerizing experience that puts you in a serene state of mind.

The quality of the video truly sets this one apart. As an independent filmmaker and producer, Julie enlisted the highest quality cinematography, post-production, editing and sound talent for her project. The crew was comprised of motion picture industry professionals and the location is stunningly beautiful. Incredible photography and the new age musical score make it a feast for the senses.


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