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Katherine Hurst – Law Of Attraction Origins


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Dear Friend,

My name is Katherine.

And I am SO excited for you to finally know what it’s like .

To experience the unconditional abundance you felt as a child (yet lost as an adult) .

So you can see for yourself .

How quickly new life changing synchronicities start to pile up in front of you .

How effortlessly it feels like everything you ask for simply falls into place .

How much more you LOVE your LIFE .

First, Think of your biggest, boldest and most impossible dream you’ve ever had (you know the one) .

And read this entire article to the very end while you can .

I’m about to reveal the simple yet astonishingly effective technique I used to bypass my stubborn mind, let go of everything blocking me and finally achieve my dreams using . The Most Powerful Manifesting Energy Source Ever Known!

There I was . less than five years ago .

After being loyal to the same corporation for 14 long years , I had slaved my way up to middle management .

Today was supposed to be just another boring day – but nothing could be further from the truth!

I swung open my office door at 8:00 AM and saw something on my desk. It was a memo with a young woman’s picture in the right-hand corner, that said.


Please join me in welcoming Jessica Fitzgerald as our new VP of Administration. Since the recent corporate merger, I am being transferred and Jessica is taking my place. Lets all help make her feel at home.

Regards, Jim Davis

A flutter of anxiety skittered over the top of my skin, down my neck, and sank into my gut as waves of emotion flooded through me .

?So what, Katherine, It’s just a memo!?. you might be thinking .

Well . you see. There was just one little problem .

After 14 years of hard work and endless sacrifice.

They promised this would be MY next ?big promotion? .

And my boss Jim always held it out in front of me like a carrot on a stick.


A carrot I had been chasing for nearly .. A Decade!

In fact it was the ONLY reason I kept slugging it out in this place I secretly hated .

And one day. POOF! . just like that .It was gone.

I paced around wearing holes in my office floor until about 9am when Jim strolled in.

My mouth felt bone dry as I sat down and pulled myself into the desk in front of me .

I had so much to say . so many questions racing through my head .

I snatched up my phone and dialed Jim’s extension as soon as he sat at his desk .

I didn’t even get the chance to speak . he cut right in .

?I’m sorry Kat, there’s nothing I can do. My hands are tied, I really am sorry .

Really? Then why did his voice sound so hollow?

The phone clicked, then went dead. The next thing I heard was a dial tone.

Are you serious right now?

After 14 years, of working together .

How could he be so cold to me?

I wasn’t even mad . I was hurt.

Because after raising my hopes so high for so long, it felt like my heart got ripped in half!

As I tapped my fingers on the phone, still in my hand, a surge of frustration stabbed at my insides like a swarm of angry hornets stinging their way out.

My throat swelled up, my body shivered and I tried really hard not to cry .

?Shrug it off and pull yourself together – I mumbled .

I can’t even describe how unappreciated I felt .

How after working my butt off, doing mundane tasks, shackled to my desk like they owned my soul.I could finally see now that the rumors were true .

I was nothing more than a cog in their machine! Was This Really My Life?

I never wanted any of it .

When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a writer .

I followed the rules, went to school, studied hard.


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