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Ken Chow – Super Structure Trading Home Study Course


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Finally, a life-changing breakthrough for all committed traders ?
?Astonishing secret of price & time alignment lets you grab profits from the predictable leg of any market with laser-like precision all revealed step-by-step.?
If you ve ever wanted to crack the code of chart reading that will consistently produce winning trades, then this is the most revolutionary discovery you will ever find.

If you really like to gain control over your financial future by knowing why winning trades
work and why losing trades don t work, then I have important news for you. Whether you re a beginner or seasoned trader, this will knock your socks off. Here’s the exciting news: This ground-breaking course ?

Features a breakthrough discovery called the TimeRange this tool is a time filter that shows you the strength of the trend.

Teaches you to align Price Structures with TimeRange setups this technique locates a move bound to go your way. It will boggle your mind.

Shows you a little known way to turbo-charge Fibonacci applications you will be able to pinpoint a market turn within a few ticks and in advance.

Made $5900 on those 6 wheat contracts. I was also long on cotton: 1 at 50.70, 2 at 51.36, and 1 at 51.95. Sold all 4 contracts at 52.65 for a $2615 profit.


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