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Kenrick Cleveland – Charisma Switch


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Yes, Kenrick I am ready to flip the switch and have my natural Charismatic abilities:
…light up any room I walk into – even if I now have the confidence of the cowardly lion.
…draw people to me just so they can hear your opinion – causing them to hang on my every word
…command yeses one after another easier than ever before – even if I’ve mastered the other skills and strategies you have been sharing for close to 4 decades.

These advanced unconscious learning sessions hold the key to unlocking my natural Charismatic abilities. Inside these sessions you will imprint the 3 different behaviors that make up Charisma into your unconscious – giving you the ability to turn it on and off at will.


Charisma Switch
Charisma Switch transcript (pdf)

Neuroimprinting Instructions:
Emotional State Conditioning Session
Emotional State Conditioning Instructions (pdf)

Course Neuroimprinting Sessions:
NI 1 – Adjusting to Your Charismatic Self
NI 2 – Turning Up Charisma
NI 3 – Integrating Charisma

Learning Sessions:
learning Session 1
Learning Session 2

Charisma Switch Coaching Call

Charisma Bonus 1 – The Charisma Switch Energizer
Charisma Bonus 2 – Review and Tweak


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