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Kenrick Cleveland – Keys to Yes


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Here are Just a Few of the Things You Will Discover when You Invest in the Keys To Yes: ? You?ve been misinformed and it?s costing you big time! Uncover the secret neuroscientist discovered on how we really make our buying decisions?and it?s the exact opposite of what most people have been lead to believe. ? Why you are selling to the wrong person. (Hint: It?s not what you think!) Fixing this common mistake will lead to unlimited possibilities when it comes to receiving YESes. ? How a struggling salesperson went from being almost homeless to holding the record for most gym memberships sold in a single month?all in less than a year?s time. (This one tip will change the way you get YESes in any given situation.) ? How much money are you leaving on the table? Since most traditional sales training programs set you up to miss out on over 76% of your possible revenue?and the simple solution for recouping all of your future losses by applying one easy strategy. ? All messages are not created equal. Understand what really controls if your messages fall on deaf ears or if it hits the bulls-eye and gets the YES. ? If you use these three things in your messages, your prospects will beg to do business with you and?not the other way around. ? Discover the 5 keys that unlock the minds of others. (Please use these responsible since you will wield the power to take over someone?s mind.) ? How to control someone?s point of view by making subtle shifts in your language. (This one strategy, I have seen change the lives of my students by giving them a huge advantage over their competitors.) ? Do you still believe the lie that sales is just a numbers game? Could it be that other sales training programs want you to believe this?because they really don?t know how to consistently get a YES from someone? Learn the truth inside the KEYS TO YES! ? This is the killer and destroyer of sales (and YESes)?once you understand how to eliminate it, you will have the upper-hand in your interactions with others. ? How to never go into a sales situation and be placed in a one down position?ultimately allowing you to control the conversation right into your bank account. ? Do you want to know the secret to reaching all your goals? This one easy exercise?which will take you less than a minute a day?will train your unconscious mind to constantly be on your side, guiding you to success. (After I discovered and put this principal into practice, I had peace of mind knowing?the full power of my mind was working for me and not against me.) ? Without trust between you and your prospect, the chances of getting a YES are seriously diminished. Discover a step by step method to instantly gain trust with almost anyone. (I say almost anyone because if the person is dead set against it, there is hardly anything you can do to achieve a high level of trust.) ? How valuable would it be to have people follow your every word?allowing you to lead them right to YES? When you add this skill to your toolkit, you will easily be able to covertly move people to your line of thinking. ? Why creating a powerful bond with someone can actually derail your chances of getting to YES. If you are not aware of this, it can sabotage all of your efforts and cause you to lose the sale. ? The simple solution to get your prospect back on the same page as you?if you notice them drifting in the wrong direction. This one tactic has put more sales back on course for me and my students than any other. ? How to tune into your prospect?s wants and desires by using your tone. ? Why you should never have to ?close?. (If you think closi


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