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Kenrick Cleveland – Power of Being


Published on: December 10, 2020
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guntoheadHave you been keeping them? Be honest with yourself. Or is it just 10 days into the New Years and all your resolutions are already slipping away. Because one thing or another has gotten in their way and slowly but surely each and every one of your goals has drifted off to sea.. .never to be heard from again. It?s ok. Don?t beat yourself up to bad over it, even though. It?s YOUR FAULT. 100% YOUR FAULT! There is no two ways about it. It?s your life and you determine your destiny. But just like making a resolution, blaming yourself is NOT going to solve the problem. Because your problem is NOT a conscious one. .it?s UNCONSCIOUS. You can water a plant all you want, but if the soil doesn?t have the right nutrients, then it just withers away and die. And that?s the EXACT reason your resolutions never blossom. You need the right fertile ground for your goals and dreams to develop. And that starts off with preparing your unconscious mind for a hearty growing season. Because if your VALUES and BELIEFS that live deep inside of your unconscious conflict with who you want to become. .then your mind will do whatever it takes to sabotage your efforts. It?s just how we are built. Luckily, there is a very quick and easy solution that builds up the Neural Pathways in your mind to assist you in obtaining any goal you set out to accomplish for yourself. .losing those 10 peskfertile-groundy pounds. .quitting smoking.. .finding someone to spend your life with. .adding an extra 0 zero or two to your bank account. Whatever it is. The Power Of Being transforms any soil into fertile ground, Guaranteed. And the best part. No spending countless hours in the field plowing and tilling the soil. .just a few short exercises and listening to the Neuro-Imprinting Sessions? are all you need. Not a bad trade-off to being able to look back at the end of 2106 and say, ?What a GREAT F*cking YEAR!? >>>> Take Me To The Power Of Being ipadlt_823x978Here are just a few of the hundreds of success stories we have received from Power Of Being members: ?I?ve found the program helpful in helping me to sort out what I really want instead of what society or my past reactions to societal pressure had me thinking that I wanted. This is helping me to focus my attention, effort, and energy where I can get a result that is truly meaningful to me.? John Thomas ?The Be-Do-Have has been a completely new paradigm for me and for the first time I KNOW I am on track.? Jean Claude ?This program has kept me on track to what I want.? Jon ?The Power Of Being forced me to figure out what I want to be.? Don Hill ?Everyone stays true their definition of themselves. So the ONLY way to change is to change who you define yourself to be. Kenrick?s program gives you the tools to do just that.? Will Rodenkirch ?Because of issues I have had following through with some other courses, I chose to become the sort of person who easily followed through on his commitments. This one change has had a cascade effect, and allowed me to make a number of other improvements in my life.? Al Koigsfeld ?Kenrick Cleveland?s Power of Being program is a transformative journey which will literally transform your life.? Keith Schaffer ?The ?Power Of Being? program has had a positive effect in a very short time. It?s effortless to listen to the recordings and refocus on a great outcome. I?ve already seen results in my focus and direction in business.? Jay Williams


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