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Kenrick Cleveland – Strategies Of Influence


Published on: December 10, 2020
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I?ve never seen this uploaded anywhere.

This is one part of two from a 7-hr. Kenrick Cleveland presentation that I am told is called Strategies of Influence. It is from a Jay Abraham seminar for sure, but I can?t say what year. I?ve never heard Kenrick talk for 7 hours at one of Jay Abraham?s presentations, so I think this goes in the category of ?RARE.?

If you have an 7 hour presentation of Kenrick at a Jay Abraham seminar, you won?t want this, but if you don?t?!

The recording was done in Extended Play off of a vhs. I experimented with reducing it but since it is already in Extended Play, converting it to MP4 etc could knock off a little size, but not worth losing being able to watch in in pristine condition on your computer.


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