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Kenrick Cleveland – the Dark Side of Hypnosis


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Discover How To Replace Someone?s Reasoning With Your Own.Without Any Argument, Persuasion Or Compromise

Instantly put someone?s conscious mind to bed.reprogram their views of right and wrong.turn them into your very own puppet on strings.using the most powerful method for speaking to the unconscious mind.

Dear Friend,

Is it even possible.

To cause someone to commit an act that violates their moral code.taking control over their ?will?.while turning them into your very own puppet?

Imagine for a second.

As you open your eyes, you take in the grey, concrete walls and.realize you are locked behind metal bars in a 6?8 ft. solitary jail cell.

You look down and notice.your hands are stained red. In place of your clothing is an orange jumpsuit. White socks rest upon your feet.

Your heart begins to pound a relentless beat. Loud. Hard. Fast. It was as if John Bonham was beating on the drums.his ?Moby Dick? solo playing from within your chest.

Now imagine.

You have no idea why you are in jail.
You have zero recollection of the night before.
You don?t drink or take drugs.
And, you have never been in trouble a day in your life.

Are you waking up to a nightmare or beginning to read one of James Patterson?s best selling novels?

The Answer Might Surprise You!

Without your knowledge or consent, you can be hypnotized and programed to do someone else?s bidding.with a failsafe for all wanted memories to be erased from your brain on their command.

Making you the perfect patsy.just another pawn in the game of be sacrificed for someone else?s cause.

Impossible! You might think.

Welcome to the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis.

The Most Dangerous Skills And Strategies I Have Ever Revealed
(So Powerful You Must Sign a Waiver Before Joining)

There will be no scripts to memorize.
No gold watches, gently swinging from left to right.
And, definitely no clucking like a chicken on-stage.
I want you to pay very close attention.

Because what I am about to share, will shock you right out of your britches.

You have been misinformed on the power of hypnosis!

If people realized how vulnerable they really were when placed under a hypnotic trance.they would fail to utilize hypnosis for all its good.

You see.

Most people believe that it?s impossible to cause someone to commit an act against their will or moral code.

Those people would be .100% Wrong.

And not for any of the reasons you might be thinking, but because..

What ?Will??
What Moral Code?

We can all agree.violent crimes, such as murder, go against our ?moral code?.and shatter our sense of right and wrong.

But, what happens when you place that violent crime.murder.into a specific context? Do you still stand by your moral code? Or is there any context in which murder becomes acceptable.allowing you to walk away with a clear conscious?

For example.

In times of war, our soldiers are told.?protect yourself at all costs?.?shoot the enemy or be shot.? When following those orders.we don?t add up their ?crimes?.but instead applaud them for their heroism.their patriotism.

Now, lets take it down a notch.

How do you feel about stealing?

We are conditioned from an early age to believe that stealing is wrong.that hard work brings, employment, security.

But.what if hard work is not enough?

What if you struggle to put food on the table?

What would you do to provide for yourself.your family.if you knew there would be no negative consequences? If you could walk into your local grocery store and ?steal? what you needed.

Do you bend your ?moral code?? Or do you tell your children.your family.that they must go hungry?

Do you start to rationalize in y…


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