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Kenster – The IM System


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Friend and fellow entrepreneur,
ln a moment l?m going to reveal the #1 MYTH about building highly profitable online businesses?

And why this myth – which l*m sure you’ve heard before – keeps you and other aspiring entrepreneurs running around in circles?

In fact, if you’re anything like how I was just 6 years ago. and if you stay on that dangerous path? You’ll end up spending way more money with nothing to show for it..

I?m also going to explain how I stumbled upon the only reliable and repeatable way to turn your ?4 hour work week? type fantasies into your reality?


l?m not talking about all of the cheap hype you’ve heard before I?m talking about putting in a bit of real effort to see real results.

You can be Like Pasquale, a current student, who went from making $19.000/year at a dry-cleaners to making that in a single month within 60 days of being my student.

This month? He made even more and just pre-ordered the brand new Corvette he’s dreamt of owning.

And through many years of coaching and mentoring. I?ve been able to help thousands of people just like you turn their lives around – they?ve quit awful jobs, eliminated debt, bought homes, and felt proud and at ease in life – and I want you to picture yourself with a better life, too.

It may be tough to swallow that you really can turn your entire life around in just weeks from now? But deep down, you know that i’s possible. and I commend you for that? Because the truth is. you just need to?

?And use that time to follow the steps that I (and hundreds of my private students) have used to build your own lifestyle business?

So? can you say ?YES? to the following?

> Do you think that you can give up some of your Facebooking time to lay the groundwork for a highly profitable and passive business that will go on to consistently and reliably generate income while you travel. relax, and enjoy your family and friends?

> Do you want to become more profitable, secure, and happy than the vast majority of people playing with cheap ?hacks? and pushing ‘shiny buttons? until their fingers are numb?

> Do you want a business that works for you. not one that requires you to spend long days micro-managing it? A lifestyle business that’s heavy on Life, Light on business, with plenty of cash rolling in?

If you’ve said ?YES,? then read on, because I?m going to KILL all of the myths and roadblocks that have been secretly holding you back this entire time?

They all run a true, scalable, well-pLanned lifestyle business.

Let me properly define Lifestyle business, because a lot of people screw this up?

A lifestyle business is one where all moving parts work in harmony and automatically. A lifestyle business runs itself, with you stepping in for occasional maintenance and upkeep. A lifestyle business also grows on its own so your earnings increase while you do little to no extra work.

Once you’ve set everything up (and I’ll detail exactly what you must setup in a second) it requires little effort to keep money flowin


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