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Kent Hovind – Creation Seminar


Published on: December 14, 2020
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This product is religious in nature. Im aetheist but I have studied theology. The only way to make meaningful and factbased academic discussions around religion is to understand and know the other point of view. Whether you believe in religion or not, theology is academia.

Dr. Hovinds Creation Seminar Series is his most popular set of videos. God has used the message it presents to bring thousands of people closer to Him.

In This 17hour series:

Part 1, The Age of the Earth

Giving scientific evidence to prove a literal sixday creation, Dr. Kent Hovind refutes evolutions proposition that the earth has evolved over billions of years. The first of seven in the seminar series, The Age of the Earth, uncovers the follies of the Big Bang theory as well as exposing the religious beliefs of evolution. 126 minutes.

Part 2, The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden, part two of the seminar series, describes the earth as it was before the worldwide flood. Dr. Hovind explains in detail how it was possible for man to live over 900 years, for plants and animals to grow much larger than today, and for dinosaurs to thrive along with man. 137 minutes.

Part 3, Dinosaurs and the Bible

For many years, some thought the existence of dinosaurs discredited the Biblical account of creation. In part three of the seminar series, Dinosaurs and the Bible, Dr. Hovind traces the Biblical and historical references to dinosaurs and interviews people who claim they have seen living dinosaurs. 157 minutes.

Part 4, Lies in the Textbooks

In part four of the seminar series, Dr. Hovind shows how public school textbooks are permeated with fraudulent information in order to convince students that evolution is true. Lies in the Textbooks is a mustsee for every public school student, teacher, parent and school board member. 175 minutes.

Part 5, The Dangers of Evolution

In The Dangers of Evolution, Dr. Hovind reveals the terrible effects that evolutionary beliefs have had on societies throughout history. Giving examples of evolutionbased philosophies being used to rationalize the brutal acts of rulers, he exposes evolutionary propaganda in its effort toward the New World Order. 152 minutes.

Part 6, The Hovind Theory

The Hovind Theory blends scientific observations with Scripture in a fascinating explanation of what caused Noahs Flood, the Ice Age, the formation of coal, mountain ranges, and the Grand Canyon. Dr. Hovind gives logical answers to the physical anomalies that geologists cannot explain with the evolutionary theory. 104 minutes.

Part 7, Question and Answer Session

The last in the seminar series, Questions and Answers, covers a variety of topics including radiometric dating and the speed of light in relation to star distance. In addition to primitive man and race origins, Dr. Hovind discusses the mark of the beast and supposed contradictions in the Bible. 180 minutes.


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