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Kerrie Albanese – How To Stop Worrying


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Description
This class is led by a licensed therapist and uses a live group session to show real life examples of what we worry about and what worrying does to us. This class gives you an in-depth look at the implications of worrying and tools to seriously reduce and/or eliminate your worrying.

5 tools that reduce worrying and improve your personal health in less than 1 hour.

? Understand what worrying does to us.

? Recognize similar effects with a live group.

? Learn 5 tools to help stop worrying.

? Listen to live personal stories.

Worrying, Our Health, and Solutions.

Worrying has gained increased attention in the past decade due to a startling surge in stress related deaths. However, worrying is often ignored and thought of as something that will go away. What has changed? How can worrying be ignored yet be so threatening to our life?

Understanding what worrying is and what it does to our physical and mental health informs us as to why reducing and/or eliminating worrying is so important. Knowing the impact can give us a better understanding about the severity which can ultimately motivate us to practice the 5 tools that are offered. The information provided by a professional therapist, interwoven with a live group session, will highlight the interconnection between worrying and inner peace.

Content and Overview

This class is a great platform for understanding the how?s and why?s of worrying. We all regularly encounter stressful situations and can learn to identify potential short term and long term effects of worrying. Those who are experiencing stress or who have a loved one who is
struggling, can learn about how 5 tools can seriously reduce and/or eliminate worrying so that you can be more productive, have less uncertainty, and be calmer when making decisions.

This class focuses on giving a fundamental understanding of worrying and its effect on our physical and mental health without too much detail or scientific jargon. The importance comes to life through a live group session where members share real life examples of how worrying lead to real life health problems. Giving worrying a face helps drive home the fact that stress can happen to anyone, but more importantly, with the tools to prevent and/or eliminate worrying, anyone can find their inner peace.

What are the requirements?
Simply be open to learning!
What am I going to get from this course?
Define what is worrying.
Identify what you worry about.
Participate in an exercise.
Recognize what worrying does to you on a mental and physical level.
Reduce and eliminate worrying.
Control worrying rather than worrying controlling you.
What is the target audience?
If worrying causes you fears, doubts, uncertainty and/or stress, you definitely should take this class.
If worrying lowers your daily production, you should take this class.
If worrying makes you anxious and/or changes your mood, you should take this class
If you know someone who worries, and you are concerned about them, and you would like to learn some techniques to help this person, then this class is certainly for you.
For those of you who do not worry and/or you simply don?t stress about anything, this class probably will not have as much value for you.


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