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Kevin deLaplante – Understanding Cognitive Biases


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Cognitive biases can unconsciously cause product people to make product mistakes, co-workers to make us crazy, and customers to make baffling purchasing decisions. In this course, you?ll develop a deep understanding of how cognitive bias works in the human brain and learn to recognize seven different forms of cognitive bias, including hindsight bias, cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, choice-supportive bias, social desirability bias, projection bias, and anchoring. By understanding these brain processes, you?ll know what triggers cognitive biases, how to counteract their effects, how to avoid product mistakes, and learn to build better products.

Learn why you, your co-workers, and customers make seemingly irrational decisions
Explore seven types of cognitive bias and learn the distinctions between them
Learn to predict the situations and environments that trigger cognitive biases
Discover the workarounds that reduce or overcome the effects of cognitive biases
Understand cognitive bias so you can build better products and work processes


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