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Published on: May 10, 2021
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WEALTH CAMP: Creating Abundant Minds Project

‘Three Interactive, Action-Based Days
Where We Apply the Science of Affluence
and Create Pathways to
Financial Freedom in Your Life!’

Kevin Hogan Live

‘LIVE’ on Audio CD with Kevin Hogan

Recorded at the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas October 2008

17 beautifully produced Audio CDs, plus Kevin Hogan’s own facilitator notes included!

Dear Reader,
If I could show you on one CD program how to create the life you desired, adopt the mindset of the wealthy, and literally give you a step-by-step map to manifest your life filled with abundance – would you be interested?

And what if, in the process, I could show you how to unplug the self-sabotage that was holding you from financial freedom?
Further, what if I could show you how to do this in a way that was right for you and your family, a way that was truly meaningful?

If that sounds like you, keep reading, because this letter might just include the key to a real life transformation.

50 years ago, your life would have been you against your self.

If you were able to master your self, figure out what you wanted to do, be and have in life, you’d go do it.

Today we have an added bonus challenge. It’s not only man against himself, but man against a falling rock of what is and will be the biggest economic mess of all time.

…The Bad News
In the wake of the mortgage crisis, due to the waves rippling out, about 91% of the population will be significantly impacted by the end of next year.

Next year the majority of homes in the U.S. won’t be worth what people paid for them.
People who have ‘jobs’ will lose those jobs because of mass layoffs (obviously this has already begun)
People who had built a nest egg 10 years ago, have earned nothing.
The average American with a retirement plan popped $300 per month into it last year. It requires about 16 times that to have enough to live on (to say, age 85).

Why? Because the average retired American currently gets a check for $1.020 per month for Social Security. This number is dropping against inflation and will do so until it hits the big goose egg.

The cost of education and healthcare have doubled over inflation for two decades.

People watch The Secret then go buy a car, a boat, you name it. Bought an SUV in 2005? It’s worth 28 CENTS on the dollar for what it was paid for.

….And if you live in Europe, Canada or Australia you are about two years behind us in the mess.

…The Good News
But some people, the other 9%, are better equipped to weather the storm. In fact, the recent data shows they will actually report record ‘net worth’s’ on their financials.


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