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Kevin Secours – 20 Steps to Verbal Mastery (1080p)


Published on: August 19, 2021
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Dear friend,

Shortcuts can be a good thing. Wouldn?t you agree?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a shortcut is simply ?a quicker or easier way to do something?.

Now, don?t get me wrong. I?m well aware that sometimes there is no substitute for hard work. I should know. I spent 6 long years in medical school, and became a doctor. That?s me in the top picture on the right, I?m Doctor Amit Pareek.

When it comes to something like becoming a doctor, there aren?t a lot of shortcuts, and that?s probably a good thing! After all, you wouldn?t want to have a doctor who took shortcuts all the way through medical school, right?

After I became a doctor I got a good job, and I was making a decent salary, but it wasn?t the dream lifestyle I had envisioned. My job as a medical practitioner was hectic, and I wanted more freedom. That?s why I started my own business in 2009, and began searching for ways to make money online.

I spent 3 years struggling online, trying to make enough money so that I could leave my job. It was frustrating and very difficult at times. Maybe you can relate?

I also spent a lot of time looking for shortcuts, and I tried all sorts of things like?

Niche websites?
Affiliate marketing?
And other ?programs??

And yeah, I actually made some money from those things, but NOT enough to quit my job.

But I never gave up hope, and finally after 3 years of spinning my wheels, I discovered the missing ingredient for my business. It was right in front of me the whole time, but I was basically ignoring it because I was too busy looking for shortcuts.

All I had to do was pay attention to what all the big companies and successful marketers were really doing. What did they all have in common?

I finally realized that they all have their own PRODUCTS! And that was the missing puzzle piece for my online business.

So I set out to create my own product. It took 5 long months and many thousands of dollars out of my pocket to make it happen.

After I finally launched my own product, I made my first sale 3 days later and after 2 months I was making 3X the money I was getting as a salary from my full-time job. That?s when I quit my job. I remember that day like it was yesterday? I was the happiest person in the world ??

After that I began to tweak things, improve them, scale them, and ultimately developed a SYSTEM that I can replicate over and over again. By creating a system, I was able to automate my business, and finally live the life I had always dreamed of.

This is the exact system which has now made me over $1 Million! In fact?

I?ve sold over 53,000 copies of my info products & made over $1.2 Million in last 24 months?
Here is a REAL screen shot showing over
$1 Million of sales in one of my accounts?

My system is working continuously. I?m no longer ?spinning my wheels?. It?s not based on a temporary tactic or a passing fad.

Before building my system, I would work hard for several months on a particular program or tactic. For example, I?d spend months building a niche website and getting it ranked in the search engines. Maybe I would start to see some income, if I was lucky. And then things would change and that income would suddenly disappear!

That?s no way to b


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