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Published on: December 9, 2020
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You Never Get a Second Chance…to Make a FIRST IMPRESSION!

Did you know that potential customers form an opinion about your book in LESS than 3 seconds…?

In fact, studies have shown that the average person makes a decision about a website (or in your case – an ebook) in a matter of MILLISECONDS.

About 50 MILLISECONDS…to be exact.

(And research straight from none other than Google suggests it may be as low as 17 Milliseconds.)

You CAN Judge a Book By it’s Cover
…Your Customers Certainly Do…

There is a darn good reason why the BIG publishing companies pay those hot-shot graphic designers THOUSANDS of dollars to design their book covers.

Because it REALLY is that important!

Listen…these guys have sold MILLIONS of books across the globe and have poured multiple MILLIONS into testing and tracking this.

It’s safe to say they know what works…and what doesn’t.

Bottom line – If you want your books to sell, your covers need to look like they were designed by those pricey, artsy-fartsy designers.

There is just no way around it.

Here’s the Problem…
Good Graphic Designers are EXPENSIVE!

A good graphic designer will normally charge several hundred dollars for an ebook cover…and a GREAT designer (like those the FAT-CAT publishing companies use) – will charge THOUSANDS!.

That’s just for ONE cover!

There’s a simple reason for this…

Designing a high quality cover from scratch isn’t as easy as you might think.

It’s time-consuming, detail-oriented, and takes a certain level of creativity and training that the average person just doesn’t have.

That’s why they are paid a ?KING’s RANSOM? for their work!

Here’s What You Get When You Order Today:

110 Professionally Designed Templates!
PSD Source Files!
50 Matching Facebook Covers!
60 Matching Covers for Facebook, Twitter, & Google Plus!
Video Tutorials

Plus These Amazing Bonuses

?Free Freakin’ Graphics? Report
?Free Freakin’ Fonts? Report
?Free Freakin’ Photos? Report
Mike and Maggie Mascot Creator Kit
Access to Photoshop for $10


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