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Kino MacGregor & Kerri Verna – Journey to Handstand Yoga


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Join Kino and Kerri on a fun and inspiring 30-day journey that combines body-strengthening work with key posture techniques to help you achieve your first handstand and advance your inversions.

Handstands are one of the most beautiful and coveted movements in Yoga, and Kino and Kerri will be your guides along this journey, presenting you with an approachable and well-balanced practice regardless if you are new to handstands or looking to hone your existing skills. The series begins with the absolute basics and builds up into the elements for strong handstands. Plus you will learn how to strengthen, stabilize and release tension in specific areas like shoulders, wrists and core, all of which are essential to establish a solid inversion practice. Once familiar with the essentials, the plan advances to floating, forearm balances and transitions.

Each video in this 31-day series is different, so every day is a new challenge that will encourage you to grow in body, mind and spirit on your way to achieving your best handstand. This plan will strengthen your physical body while simultaneously lifting your confidence and inner resolve.


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