Kristen McCall – Story Launch Method 2020


Published on: May 11, 2021
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This step-by-step mini course and playbook is everything you need to craft a social media promotional campaign that will transform your tired messaging and convert your followers into customers.

Designed to be consumed implemented in just a weekend, this SIMPLE approach packs a punch and will work with ANY business, non-profit or ministry.

STORY LAUNCH METHOD Strategic Framework
There’s a proven storytelling framework that transforms generic social media posts into emotional, converting tools for your business. When your fans read your posts, they will connect with your message and see the HOPE in what you are offering them. They will be able to see themselves in your stories and encourage them to buy the service or product that you’re offering.

The 3 phases of a Pressure Cooker Launch will be covered in this Craft Your Story Workbook:
Phase 1: Prep the Pressure
Phase 2: Cook the Campaign
Phase 3: Release & Review
The Campaign planner will help you plan each day’s theme including how many times to post and types of stories to cover for effective campaign conversions.

Want to plan your campaign visually? Use Trello to color-code, drag and drop story prompts and plan your campaign calendar for your next launch around the three Pressure Cooker Phases.
All the story prompts are available for you as a Google Doc or here in the Trello Board for you.

With more than 100 different story prompts, you’ll have an abundance of ideas to choose from to craft your campaign messaging.
But these prompts are just the beginning… using the Strategic Storytelling Framework, they will be the jumping off point for you to craft custom messaging for your campaign.

Learn how to use the HOOK, STORY, OFFER formula for engaging social posts every time. Getting someone to take ACTION from your posts is the whole point and you’ll get a list of clear call to action examples.

I hear ‘but I don’t have ANY stories?!’ too much! This worksheet is for you…
The full-proof guide to finding and capturing the right stories that will communicate the right message to your audience and hook them in!
No one I’ve ever done this exercise with has EVER concluded that they don’t have valuable stories to share.


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