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Krisztina Rudnay – Create Your First Sales Funnel (Step By Step)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Do you want to sell and upsell easily and immediatelly? Turn your hardly earned leads to paid customers? Do you want to maximize your profit and make the best out of your marketing efforts?

Learn How To Build A Successful Sales Funnel To Turn Leads To Customers Easily

(Please, read the whole description before enroll)

Understand a well-built Sales Funnel
Build your own Lead Magnet with this step-by-step guide
Make your Core Offer irresistible: just copy and paste in your own business
Turn leads to customers with a compelling Tripwire offer

With this easy guide, you can build and manage your own Selling Machine, nobody can stop.

This course focuses on the fundamentals, and the steps on how to create and use your successful Sales Funnel that will capture more leads and convert more of them to customers.

It can fit in any marketing plan.

Note: This is not a screen capture video. This is slide-based presentation with a lot of screen shot examples. Not a screen recording course. If you are looking for how-to-screen-recording style video, this is not your course. But if you want to learn the basics and the how-to part, it?s definitely for you.

People who took this course say:

?Great information and good advice. Easy to follow. ? Mina?

?This course is really helpful ? it takes an important and rather complex marketing concept and makes it easy to understand and apply. The graphics and animations are fun, relevant, and help drive the concepts home. I learned a lot in a way that I can also use it with my own business and marketing efforts. You don?t need a marketing degree to understand and use this information! ? E.P.?

Stephen Meadows: Really great information! Easy concepts to grasp!


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