Larry Crane – Goals And Resistance Course


Published on: May 11, 2021
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This special advanced course is for Abundance Course graduates only and is facilitated by Larry Crane. You will receive a Goals & Resistance Course workbook and assignments, and a special audio CD which consists of 2 sessions by Lester on goals and resistance. You will also be assigned a releasing partner to release with each day. The Goals & Resistance Course was created to fill a need. Graduates wanted more. The tools they had acquired were powerful and yet they asked for something which would help them incorporate the Release Technique even more into their daily lives.

Well, we all have subconscious resistance, which we hide from ourselves. The Goals & Resistance Course was created by Lester to help you knock out this subconscious resistance, thus allowing you to start winning more in life, moving closer and closer towards freedom and make releasing more consistent and powerful. If you wish, you can call Larry Crane at 818-385-0611 to discuss any questions you might have about the next steps.

The amazing thing about this course is that we know of no one who has paid anything for it. In other words, everyone who has taken this course has reported to have received back MORE than the price of the course BY RELEASING ONLY. At a recent seven day retreat in Alzheimer, Larry asked the 65 attendees how many of them made $100 or more by releasing only-every one of the attendees who had previously taken the course raised their hands. Then, he asked, how many had made $1,000 or more by releasing only, and again, everyone who was not brand new to the course, raised their hand. How many courses can you say that about-that they ‘won’t cost you a dime’?


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