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Laura Roeder – Creating Fame


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Yup, you read that right. Because before you can move forward, you gotta say goodbye.

    So right here and now, let’s make it official. Together let’s say goodbye forever to the OLD you who:

    Because it’s time to put all that stuff in the PAST where it belongs – and instead jump ahead to the level you KNOW you are really meant to be at.


    I’ve never been much for ladder-climbing. That long, painful process of going slooowwwwwly rung by rung by rung, occasionally slipping down but never making a large leap forward.

    In fact, I probably should not be admitting this publicly but the truth is this – I never did small speaking gigs. The whole “ten people gathered in the bank’s back room” thing. Nope. Skipped right over it! I went straight for the big fish. The Social Communications Summit, South by Southwest Interactive, BlogHer, etc.

    This is what is called leapfrogging – it has been a huge factor in my success and will be in yours as well. Leapfrogging is the act of jumping to right where you want to be and skipping over all the useless junk most people think they “have” to do to get there.

    Here’s a paradox: this stuff can make you rich quick, yet it’s about as far as you can possibly get from “get rich quick”.

    Why is that? Creating Fame is all about creating a LEGACY in your field. I only work with smart entrepreneurs that are interested in building a long-term, trusted reputation.

    But here’s where you kinda get to have your cake and eat it too: even though we’re thinking long-term the results happen FAST. Like head spinningly-fast. You can make one well-targeted move and suddenly have 500 interested prospects. Did you see above where I built a list of over 50,000 highly-targeted, highly-engaged prospects in a few years? Some people never achieve that over the life of their business.

    But this is not about VOLUME, it’s about RELATIONSHIPS. Every person on that list feels like they have a relationship with me.

    I really cannot emphasize this next point enough. Read the following closely, because it is important:

    There is ZERO ADVERTISING INVOLVED. This flips the traditional marketing relationship on its head.

    People don’t like being advertised to. People like being spoken to – you know, like people! Radical concept, right?

    WHY does this matter? Because when you create your fame with this model, it takes out the struggle. It takes out the cheesy, flashy, “ugh, do I really have to do this in order to succeed?”

    You’re only talking to people who want to hear from you. You’re only selling them what they want to buy. You take yourself out of the feast-or-famine cycle of constantly hunting for work. I really cannot describe the impact this model will make on your business. It finally feels like you’re floating with the current instead of fighting to swim upstream.


    Video can be a great tool for creating fame – but what if you’re terrible on camera? Then video will absolutely backfire in positioning you as a poised, confident expert. But you might be excellent in audio recordings, or writing white papers.

    The point is we all have our strengths and my philosophy is to shine through your strengths rather than trying to fit yourself in some cookie cutter plan that isn’t right for you at all. I’ve seen other programs that say you must do video, you must do podcasting, you must do this and that. Sorry – but that is a short path for disaster.

    I’m go


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