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Laura Silva – Silva Peaks


Published on: December 9, 2020
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?As The World Opens Its Mind & The Banks Close Their Doors, I Present to You The Highest Level Of Silva Training.?
This is The Wisdom that will Take You from Silva Graduate to Silva Master, with Unimaginable Power Over Your Wealth, Health, Happiness & Destiny-and for the First Time in History, You have Access to It.

This Coure will Achievements such as:

– Not just controlling or improving their health… but using caseworking to completely cure themselves and others of ravaging diseases like cancer, diabetes or arthritis.
– Not just boosting their income… but making millions of dollars through the discovery of extraordinary ideas and innovations.
– Not just enhancing their intuitive and mental abilities… but discovering mind-blowing psychic powers within themselves.
– Not just experiencing short bursts of inspiration… but channelling endless streams of intense inspiration-enough to create, write and build previously unimaginable creative masterpieces.

Laura is the President of Silva International. She is the daughter of Jose Silva-founder of the original Silva Mind Control Method. Born during the pinnacle of the Silva research on mind development, Laura was one of the primary research subjects which gave her extensive personal experience and insight into the creation and
use of intuitive techniques. As a member of the Silva International management team she is involved in continuing research that unites the best and most useful of the concepts behind the original Silva Method programs with the latest findings from studies on the human mind, intuition, alternative health care, NLP and spirituality. For over 20 years, Laura has presented Silva programs to people of all ages, worldwide. She is also known as a teacher of teachers and served as the Director of Instructor Training for Silva International for ten years. A lively and dynamic presenter, Laura’s personal dedication and warmth are conveyed to all who attend her seminars. Following in the footsteps of her father, she has dedicated her life to the betterment of humanity. More abouth this on

video 1
A New Mind
Road Map to Success Part I

video 2
Road Map to Success Part II
Road Map to Success Meditation Exercise

video 3
Connect with your Spirit
We are One
Story of Jose Sliva by Nelda Sluiets

video 4
Mirror of the Mind Technique
Holo-viewlng Technique

video 5
The 3 Scenes & EnergiZing Water Technique

video 6
Counselors and Past Life by Isabel Silva

video 7
Finding Your Life’s Purpose
Alternative Healing by Dr. Hose Huerta

video 8
Healing Technques & Exercise
Creating a New Mind


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