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Lawrence Bernstein – 100 Money Blueprints 2014 Edition


Published on: December 10, 2020
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I called them ?100 Money Blueprints? for two reasons.

First, because there were originally 100 proven print ads when the first edition was released ? now expanded to 114 in in 2014. ONE GREAT IDEA alone ? from a single ad ? could be worth THOUSANDS to you!

And second, all make use of a specific blueprint for reliably extracting money from almost any market.

Like these:

Though several of the ads in this collection were written as early as the late-1950s, make no mistake about their relevance today.

It?s a blueprint you can use to create surprisingly high hit ratios because you don?t have to be a great writer. You just have to know how to assemble the copy in such a way as to make your product irresistible to your prospects.

And the surest way to do that is by taking these 100 Money Blueprints ? the missing key that skyrockets the potency of Breakthrough Advertising ? and reading one advertising masterpiece a day.

That?s it.

You?ll take about 10 minutes a day to digest one of these ads? and with each passing week, you?ll begin to feel YOUR COPYWRITING MUSCLES strengthen like a well-trained athlete!

The greatest proven print ad collection at YOUR fingertips for INSTANT PROFIT producing inspiration!

Here?s a question for you.

Suppose tomorrow, you were offered a substantial sum to create an ad in the continuing education market.

Would you risk taking the UNTESTED ADVICE often found in books and courses? or would you look to a source that sold hundreds of thousands of copies over the course of a half-decade?like the ad in the sidebar above and to the right?

(Go ahead? enlarge it? print it out and feel the raw selling power that compelled millions in sales.)

The answer is obvious.

Time and dollars are in such short supply nowadays, you can ill afford to take anything but the most direct path.

And 100 Money Blueprints are it.

Here?s just a fraction of what awaits you?

Plus, you?ll also get?

The 9-page ?cheat sheet,? PERSUASION PATTERNS that will lock down your understanding of Eugene Schwartz?s techniques and help you put them into rapid action? so you can start writing dynamite ads NOW!

But there?s even more!


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