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Learn One Of The Hottest Grammar Pieces – Reported speech


Published on: December 10, 2020
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If you have ever been confused when it comes to reported speech, this course will explain it clearly.

This course covers all essential parts of the reported speech. But do not worry, only the most important ones with horribly easy explanations.

Yes, horribly, because you are going to be shocked after the course about the easiness of the reported speech.

Get over with one of the most difficult grammar pieces with clear and simple explanations.

Find out that the reported speech is easy
Forget about the complicated verb tense changes
Learn the easiest way of transforming sentences from direct speech to reported speech (question and imperative also included)
Start using them in speaking too without much hesitation
During this course I will guide you step by step through the processes of how to transform direct sentences to reported ones. I will make it really easy for you because only the most important changes are going to be showed.

You are going to get step by step instructions that work as kind of ultimate ?recipes? that you can use whenever you just need to. I provide clear, simple and easy explanations.

You will get many examples with guidance. Everything you read, hear and see during the course is going to be explained so you can follow the topic with me and will not get lost.

If you are preparing for an intermediate language exam, this course is for you.


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