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Lee Holden – Life Force Energetics


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This masterclass with Lee Holden was created exclusively for The Aware Show?s Radiant Body Summit. You will not find this class anywhere else!

The focus of this class is your inner radiance. Lee?s breathing exercises help to move your qi into your body?s energy centers, and his guidance helps you flow energy throughout your Radiant Body. You will feel recharged and rejuvenated by following along with his simple guided movements.

Beginning with simple breathing exercises, the Radiant Qi Master Class moves into flowing movement postures that are easy for everyone, no matter your physical state.

What You Will Learn:

? How to connect to your sources of energy
? Breathing patterns to ignite your inner energy field
? Movement exercises to open your energy pathways
? Acupressure points to light up your fire meridians
? Shining your light and radiance out into the world

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Item 3. Your Body of Light

Your physical body is obvious. You may not be aware, but you also have a Body of Light, as well. Understanding and harnessing this energetic essence will allow you to awaken to the miracle of your own life.

In ancient times, the sages of the Taoist path taught their adepts how to sense and expand this Body of Light, and step into the timeless flow of the cosmos.

In this course, Lee Holden guides you through the exercises and meditations that will allow you to cultivate your own highest potential, and experience this inner truth about your being.

What You Will Learn:

? The Inner Smile-an on-the-spot technique for neutralizing stress
? Creating the Pearl of Consciousness to plug in to your personal ?power place? in the universe
? The Breath of Life-exercises for mastering the flow of qi (life energy)
? How to work with your organs and meridians to harmonize mind, body, and spirit
? The Three Treasures practice for health and longevity
? Constructing your vehicle for the adventure after this lifetime
? More than eight hours of Taoist philosophy, energy practices, and guided meditations for cultivating your ?body of light?

Bonus 1. Qi Workout AM/PM

How you start and finish your day can have a huge impact on your life.

With Lee Holden as your guide, you can embrace these gentle, time-honored Qi Gong practices to give yourself a flash of vitality? each morning to fill your body with energy, and a relaxing expansion before bedtime to help you sleep peacefully the entire night.

Qi Workout AM/PM provides you with a method to fully experience the energy-boosting benefits of Qi Gong by developing a daily practice, that could lead you to a lifetime of amazing health.

What You Will Learn:

? Boost your physical energy and emotional balance to start the day right or give you an energetic boost throughout the day.
? Release blockages and stagnant Qi (life energy) from the body to improve organ function and internal energy flow
? Enhance your overall fitness through safe, low-impact exercise.
? Clear tension held in the muscles and nerves, calming the body and mind for deeper rest at night.


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