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Leon Chaudhari – Memory Masterclass – Develop A Great Long Term Memory


Published on: December 10, 2020
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In this course, I will teach you, how to build an impressive memory. After watching this course, you will be able to remember dozens (if not hundreds) of pieces of information, only instances after hearing them for the first time. You might think that?s not possible. I once felt the same. I had a really bad memory and wanted to improve it. When I moved to China, I had to face one massive problem: I had to learn the language. 5000 Chinese characters in one year to be precise. I thus had to come up with some advanced methods in order to learn and remember information more quickly. In this course, I would like to show which methods I used and what I learned from the MEMORY WORLD CHAMPION:

PROVEN SCIENTIFIC STRATEGIES ? We will together in this course cover multiple scientific strategies that have been proven to generate incredible memory building results. We will mostly focus on the peg, linking and keyword method.
IDENTIFICATION OF LEARNING TYPES ? In order to build up a great memory, we need to identify which kind of learner you are. Are you an auditory learner, visual learner, tactile/kinesthetic learner or can you just simply learn the most from reading?
FUNDAMENTALS OF THE HUMAN BRAIN ? We will together have a look at how the human brain works! In order to develop a great short, middle and long-term memory, we have to understand what a memory is and which part of the human brain causes it.
PRACTICAL MEMORY BUILDING STRATEGIES ? I want you to use the strategies that I am teaching directly after you finish watching this course! That?s why I will keep this course as practical as possible.
And we will focus on much much more in this course. Nevertheless, you should also know why you should be taking this course. There are many reasons for wanting to have a great short, middle and long-term memory. Here are three very good reasons.

LEARNING MORE QUICKLY, REVIEWING LESS ? The quicker you can remember, the less you have to learn/review. Since I lived in China, I can remember information much more quickly and thus don?t have to study at all anymore. You will have more free time in order to spend more time with your friends, family, on your hobby or on just simply something else you desire. That?s why investing into buying this course, could become a huge advantage to you in the future.
A MORE FULLFILLING LIFE ? In the last few years, I helped my students to extend their memory to such an extend that they feel like a different person now. Most people I work with tell me that they feel that their life has become more fulfilling through not having to write down everything all the time just to remember. Notebooks are not a necessity for them any more. Their brain is their notebook.
IMPRESS OTHER PEOPLE ? I don?t want to lie to you. Having a great short, middle and long-term memory looks quite impressive to other people. From the point on that you are known for having a good memory, everyone will try to compete with you. That?s fun and it?s even better for you, because you will most likely always win and impress your competitors.


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