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Lester Levenson – The Sedona Method Release Technique


Published on: December 9, 2020
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This American Master shared the message of Personal Freedom and his own step-by-step path to Self-Realization with people for decades.

How can you apply the process Lester Levenson used to heal his body, his relationships, his pocketbook … to create more Freedom, Abundance and pure Happiness for yourself?

It’s called the Release Technique.

Via the Release Technique and its variety ofprograms, Lester’s student Larry Crane continues Lester Levenson’s life work and teaches Lester’s program in a complete Home Study course and live weekend classes around the world.

These audio-based courses and live events present the very process Lester used to heal his body, life and happiness in less than 3 months! He always insisted that anyone can achieve the same. He encouraged everyone to go for Freedom.

If you seek knowledge directly from a Master on how to heal and maintain body health, how to heal your relationships with others and with your world, how to create infinite happiness and abundance across all areas of your life, you need the Release Technique!

The Release Technique courses and classes reveal the secrets behind this practical, effective way to take back control of your life and more! Master life!


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