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Liam McRae – Limitless Seducer


Published on: April 27, 2022
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The Limitless Seducer isn’t just a product: It’s a course I designed after spending years uncovering the knowledge of the world’s top performers in sports, entertainment and business.

The material covered in this course is especially relevant if you are working in a cognitively demanding job like accounting, programming or engineering that requires tons of logical thinking.

If that is the case you are probably struggling to get out of that headspace after work and you tend to procrastinate instead of being able to balance your dating life, your business ambitions and your spirituality practice!

What if you could align that logical thinking with a clear framework to craft the dating life of your dreams even if you have limited time available?

This course will allow you to effortlessly cycle between going out meeting girls, your demanding job tasks and your spirituality habits.

I have to be honest with you: The truth is there is no magic pill to achieve this…

You cannot hack your dating life to fit your job demands overnight. This does not mean than you can start implementing the course material right away.

Studies show that it will take 66 days to implement new habits successfully.

I learned from the world’s top performers that they implemented success habits based on a variety of mindset shifts, expert feedback and growth hacks that allowed them to consistently perform at the highest level of their capabilities without falling back into a spiral of procrastination, fear and self doubt.

They trained to execute and achieve their goals no matter what .

In his latest talk at Google Headquarters Tim Ferriss says: “For my podcast I interviewed over a 150 world class performers across every possible domain imaginable, sports, entertainment, politics, art, chess and found that the difference between someone who is good compared to the top 1% is their ability to focus, determine their goals and maintain that focus!”

Over the past years I was able to uncover these guiding principles they use and balance my dating life, my business workload and my goals in producing music at a level which I never thought was possible .

The principles used by expert performers are:

1. Deliberate practice
2. Dedicated time slots to improve
3. An awareness of the pitfalls that prevent you from taking action
4. Expert feedback from a coach to point you in the right direction
5. Proven habit hacks that can improve your skills in months not years


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