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Published on: May 11, 2021
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Brent Smith was originally one of the inspirations for David DeAngelo’s dating system and his eBook. Brent also appeared later in David DeAngelo’s seminars and interview series as ‘Brent’.

Program contains Video of Mastermind Group where he interacts with Clients and give them life style advise.

How to Attract Hotter Women by Breaking All The Traditional Dating Rules

Brent’s rules include the following

Don’t ask her out.
Don’t get her number.
Don’t stand around searching for ‘targets.’
Don’t dress like a fool.
Don’t keep talking to her.
Don’t hit on her at all.
Don’t compliment her.
Don’t try to get her to like you or want you.
Don’t text, IM, email, call, or FB message first. Even sending a FB friend request is off limits.
Don’t over communicate.
Don’t booty call.
Don’t think about her when she is not around.
Don’t buy her anything.
Don’t pick her up for dates at her house.
Don’t take her to dinner.
Don’t take her on any traditional date.



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