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Lifestyles Unlimited – Real Estate Passive Income


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Retire From Your Job In 5 Years Even If You Lack Money

90% of Americans feel financially insecure, worry about losing their jobs or not having enough money to retire.

In this 14 hour class multimillionaire Del Walmsley gives you the whole detailed map of how to retire in 5 years. Even if you don’t have much money right now. Over 10,000 people have started their financial freedom by taking this class.

?Del is a great speaker. There is no need to fear tiredness or boredom during the 14 hour class. I was entertained, engaged, enlightened, and convinced. Thanks!? – James Pryor

?I truly enjoyed the 14 hour class. Thanks for challenging my thinking and forcing me to allow a paradigm shift to how I view wealth creation. You rock!? – Angela Dees

– Your Beliefs –
You need the right map
What you believe works, is working
Investing or speculating?
Common paradigm vs. Investor paradigm

– Investing –
Investing Rule #1 – Never lose money
Investing Rule #2 – Must cash flow
Investing Rule #3 – Can’t get rich slow
Real estate is easy, people are difficult
Deals must be evaluated systematically

– Real Estate and Money –
We use real estate for leverage
Good debt vs bad debt
Three ways to make money
Lifestyles Unlimited investment cycle

– Getting Started –
Steps to your first deal

– Added Benefits –
Real estate beats a 401k
Pay no taxes with real estate

– Financial Freedom With Single Family Properties –
Types of real estate we should buy
Smaller units are more profitable
How to locate your first deal – part 1 – 4
Operating your property – part 1 – 3
Leasing your property

– Financial Freedom With Multi-Family Properties Part 1 –
Wealth = Maximize return on net worth
Valuing an apartment
10% more gross is 100% more equity
Continuously double money to retire early
How to succeed in business
How to increase the value of an apartment

– Financial Freedom With Multi-Family Properties Part 2 –
Three steps of feasibility
Lifecycle of a value play
Financial Freedom With Multi-Family Properties Part 2
Three steps of feasibility
Lifecycle of a value play
Economies of scale
What to do with an IRA or a 401k
Where you should start
Preferred Investor Group

– Bonus Material –
Single-family Property Evaluation
Goal Setting Workshop
Raise Cash With Wholesaling
Case Study 1 – 10

Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Passive Income


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