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Published on: August 19, 2021
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The Tribe Conference is a marketing conference for people who don?t think of themselves as marketers. It?s a gathering for writers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs to grow their craft, share their work, and get the attention their work deserves.

This two-day event is packed full of inspiring speakers, practical content, and unforgettable experiences. But this is more than an event. It?s a large-scale workshop that will give you a roadmap to find your tribe and give you the space to implement it.

You won?t leave the Tribe Conference with a notebook full of ideas and nothing checked off your to-do list. You?ll set into motion a plan you can keep improving on for years to come.

the tribe conference was a minor success, a two day event with a bunch of somewhat knowledgeable fairly unknown speakers. he had different levels of participation, charging people $205 to $509 to go to his conference. he sold tickets through a event ticket dealer, eventbrite. does eventbrite do these weird prices? or was it jeff? next year tribecon 2016 will be a little cheaper, lessons learned, lol if you do not know about eventbrite, they are something else, they have several subdivisions making millions of dollars. when i looked into them, i was amazed at what i found.


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