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LOMA – Customer Service in Action


Published on: December 9, 2020
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The financial services industry is constantly changing, but one thing remains constant-customers expect more from you. They want accurate answers that they can trust from you.

With LOMA’s Associate, Customer Service? (ACS?) Program you can be prepared to meet these new demands
? Increase your knowledge of financial services
? Understand customer expectations, patterns, and behavior
? Organize an effective customer service team

Jointly sponsored by LOMA and The Institutes, the U. S. Property & Casualty track of the ACS Program will provide you with a solid understanding of customer service.
1. Using basic knowledge and skills
2. Dealing with customer’ personalities and behavior patterns
3. Solving communication problems
4. Using verbal communication
5. Providing excellent customer service using the telephone
6. Listening to the customer
7. Making sure you understand the customer
8. Using negotiation skills
9. Working with upset customers


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