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Lorrie Morgan Ferrer – Red Hot Copy To Woo Your Target Market


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Hi there, Owning a business isn?t a hobby, at least not for most of us. You’re there to make money. If you can?t figure out why your marketing materials aren?t pulling in more clients, take a lesson from the people banking the bucks. Nine times out of 10 the problem isn?t YOU.
It’s the writing! That’s right. The businesses eating your lunch know the key to sales is an ?ancient secret? – a time-tested practice called copywriting, the art of using persuasive language to motivate customers to buy. And it’s what you need to master if you’re going to play with the big boys and girls. Knowing the insider secrets to crafting your own copy from the ground up can: Magically attract customers dying to do business with you Steamroll the competition not armed with your knowledge Build ironclad trust in your buyers so they return again and again Open the floodgates to limitless cash I?m Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero and my copy has been boosting sales for my clients for years. Frankly I?ve always been intrigued by words and their impact on people. Maybe because Ralph Waldo Emerson is my uncle. More likely I?m just a word geek. I was reading by age 3. Edited my yearbook and newspaper simultaneously in high school. Earned a BA in Journalism. And I?ve been a freelance writer over 25 years. I?ve sold tons of products from nutritional supplements to videotapes to seminars to biz-op to toys to hypnosis to services?and the list goes on. It doesn?t really matter what’s being sold. The same copywriting techniques apply. And they will apply to YOUR business too. How do I know?


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