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Lotfe ELtokhy – Self-Learning : Learn anything from the internet by yourself


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Your powerful guide to learn anything by yourself from the internet for free

Hello , Friends. In this course I will share with you my knowledge about Slef-Learning. I will show you all steps ? in my opinion ? that you should follow to learn anything in general and anything from the internet in particular , And I will give you a practical examples for each step , So that you can understand these steps clearly.

Also , I will show you how can you find any solution for any problem you will face during your learning journey. Also , I will show you how to use valuable sites like (edx , MIT opencourse , lynda , coursera and udacity). And , I will show you a full example on what we learned , So that you will understand how can you apply all these information on what you want to learn. I hope you will enjoy this course and benefit from it 


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