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Lynda – How to Get a Job in Design


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Schools equip designers with the knowledge and skills they need to understand their craft and discover their own unique personal style. That said, many students are handed diplomas without having been taught how to grapple with the challenges of the design world that awaits them outside of school. In this course, Bonnie Siegler?the founder of respected design firms No. 17 and Eight and a Half?provides answers to designer?s common questions about how to get a job. She explains how to introduce yourself, how to write a resume that makes sense, how to curate a portfolio that best showcases your work, and even how to manage your social media presence. Plus, she covers how to present yourself and your work at a job interview, and what to do after your interview. Essentially, Bonnie helps you understand what?s important and what?s not important when it comes to landing a design job.


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