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M. & E. Moghazy – The Magic Healing – Taping method


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Description
This course is about the Taping Techniques and Methods, and if you are not aware about ?Taping? means, no worries.

Taping is known for years by the healthcare and sports professionals as to apply on the skin with adhesive tape for purpose of relieving the muscles and joints pain.
As that said, special type of adhesive tape should be used to accomplish the best results.
The Tape materials have a certain elasticity similar to human skin elasticity. It is available now online and at your corner store.
This course designed by a professional Physical therapist who spend more than 15 years traveling around the world to collect the best methods and techniques of taping and make available for you in this course. This course is a collective introduction for the taping science.
To complete this course, you should have a general body anatomy background or be open to learn a new course.
Within this course time frame you should be able to understand the main concept of taping. In addition, you will master the 9 principles of taping structure. once you complete this course you will be able to take the advanced level of taping techniques to treat more complicated muscles or joints problems.
If you are a professional healthcare provider or a sports or fitness or athletic person who care about his or her joints and muscles upkeep and to be pain free, this course is a must.
However, for those who are interested to learn something new about their own body and want to help themselves to be pain free, you are most welcome to join the class room.
A notice, this course has been designed for the education purpose only not for any treatment of medical conditions. If you have any medical issues you have to consult your physician before you apply any tape on yourself.
The method of teaching this course is going to be through a utilized and demonstrated application skills in a very easy guided style. You will enjoy this course as if you were attending in person.


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