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Make A Lot More Money With Your WordPress Website


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Make It Not Just Faster & Not Just Fast – But One Of The Fastest Websites In The World. Enjoy The Financial Reward Now!

All-In-One, A – Z, How-To Performance Blueprint For The Fastest WordPress Sites On Earth: The Official WpFaster WP Speed Optimization Course!

What are the requirements?
Aside from a self-hosted WordPress site, a basic knowledge of WordPress, and an awareness of the fact that the fastest possible version of your WordPress site is no longer optional for its success, you need not know or do anything special prior to taking this course.

What am I going to get from this course?
Over 55 lectures and 7 hours of content!
Evergreen content/regular updates/HD Video.
Enjoy all of the benefits a blazingly fast WordPress site has to offer, including, but not limited to: greater user engagement, longer on-site times, superior search engine positioning; and, if your website is monetized or is an eCommerce store – more money!
Acquire WpFaster’s WordPress performance optimization architecture and process, thereby empowering you with the skills to optimize your WordPress websites such that they are not just faster and not merely fast; but, are literally some of the fastest websites on the Internet, WordPress-powered or otherwise. You will further be able to SCIENTIFICALLY PROVE that they are: to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
Get access to some of the major ingredients of WpFaster’s ‘secret sauce’ to enter your WordPress website or blog into the realm of the speed elite.
Master everything you need to know: from basic, to intermediate, to advanced techniques and configurations, without having to learn ANY code.
Become adept at troubleshooting and mitigating optimization issues as they arise.
Be able to start your own WordPress Web Performance/Speed Optimization service, or add WordPress Web Performance/Speed Optimization as an adjunct or value added service to your website design business, potentially doubling your per-job profits.

What is the target audience?
This course is designed for anyone that uses and therefore has an at least basic understanding of WordPress. Put very simply, if you are (for example) comfortable with adding posts and pages, navigating within your hosting account, and me saying things like “functions.php,? “HTTPS,? “CSS file,? and the like doesn’t make you say “wat…??, then you’ll do wonderfully. That said, even advanced WordPress users, designers and coders will benefit greatly from the course as they absorb, and subsequently learn how to apply, WpFaster’s highly refined Web Performance Optimization (WPO), Front End Optimization (FEO) and User Experience Optimization (UX) architecture.
There is quite a bit of material. As such, and even though the material is presented plainly and in layman’s terms whenever possible, it takes a hearty commitment to absorb it all such that the aggregate of the material can be effectively applied to whatever WordPress site(s) you, yourself, are optimizing. In short, the ideal student will be up for a challenge and be willing to completely relearn what they think they know about WordPress website optimization.
PLEASE NOTE: Enrolling in this course in no way shape or form enrolls the student in a WordPress optimization concierge service. I am more than happy to assist in the understanding of course material, to clear up any confusion about it or its application and to further explicate principles; but, I will not optimize students’ websites for them


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