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Make Money by Teaching Your 1st Course: from Scratch (2015)


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Tired of Piecing Information Together…a Little Here…a Little There…a Little from YouTube…a Little from Google? This Comprehensive Course is Your Solution! It is the ONE-STOP for New Instructors Who Want to Get Their First Course Published Fast! This Class is Perfect for Anyone Who is Completely New to the Field of Teaching Online. Every Aspect of Creating Your First Online Course is Covered in Detail.

Do you like the idea of sharing your knowledge with a global audience, but have zero clue how to create a successful online course?

Are you a busy working professional who can’t put life on hold to learn course creation secrets?

Then this course is for you!

Beth says …?If I had this course 2 months ago…would have saved me SO much time?

Joy says …?The best course I have taken for first time users?

Rosie says …?A totally comprehensive course delivered in a down to earth format?

Debbie says …?One of the best courses on Udemy by far!?

Criss says …?Essential Course?

Linda says …?Online Teaching Must?

Bryan says …?Very informative and succinct?

Kathi says …?Ready to create my first online course?

Jerry says …?I already saved this course in my favorites?

Forecast to grow to 51 Billion dollars in 2016, e-learning is an exciting and profitable venture – Don’t Wait!

Learn to create your very first course with minimal friction – this class gives you a complete tool-set for immediately joining the online teaching boom.


Learn the Hardware & Software essentials of course creation
Get familiar with both the front-end and back-end of various Marketplaces that will sell your courses for you
Discovering the BEST topics to teach using informative research-based information
Learn the Audio Necessities for a course to become approved
Learn how to make an entire class by recording what’s on your computer screen (Screencasts)
Video Editing/Screencast Software options for PC and MAC
Quick and easy video editing for beginners
The simple route to filming lectures with a Webcam
Filming professional SmartPhone lectures
Filming lectures with a plain household pocket camera
Removing background noise in post-production
Dynamic Course Development – Secret Strategies:

Discover proven strategies from Positive Psychology that will make you super effective as an online teacher (even if you’ve never been an online student)
How to ensure the long-term success of your course by implementing this tactic!
What is a Best Possible Course revealed
Planning Your Course for Success:

A method for brainstorming superb course topics that students are interested in
How to prepare yourself to teach your topic the ‘online way’
Learn how getting to know your ideal student – pays off!
Know how to stand apart from other classes in your topic area
Content Creation:

Produce your best possible course by incorporating the knowledge you’ve learned
Discover a systematic way to deliver each and every presentation effectively
Learn successful instructor secrets for creating written language that converts
Learn cost effective ways to create prospect conversion videos
Pricing and Publishing Your Course

How much should you charge?
How do successful instructors set a price for their courses?
How to make your class ‘even more’ sellable during the publishing phase
Marketing Your Course:

How to make your course worthy of remark (remarkable) from prospects
How much of your goods should you let prospects sample?
Learn why some classes show-up in searches on the first page, and how you can to!
Leveraging the power the video you already created and keeping 97% of the profits
Tips Tricks and Resources:

This student generated section is filled with awesome tips, some you may not


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