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Making Money with Airbnb


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Boost your income by renting out a spare room-or transitioning a second home to a short-term rental-with Airbnb. This detailed course will help new hosts succeed on Airbnb, the rental site with more than 2 million listings worldwide.

Christopher Matthew Spencer, a successful Airbnb host, first acquaints viewers with Airbnb and the requirements-both in terms of mindset and property-needed to venture into the Airbnb world. Then you’ll learn how to prep a property, stock it with amenities that will garner 5-star reviews, and craft an attention getting listing that covers everything from the headline to property descriptions and guides. The course also explores how to manage guest interactions, deal with housekeeping and maintenance, and promote listings outside of Airbnb. Start watching to learn how you can profit from this great sharing economy platform.
Topics include:
*Evaluating whether Airbnb is right for you
*Writing about and photographing the property
*Establishing a price for your Airbnb rental
*Planning for ongoing maintenance
*Preparing the kitchen, bedroom(s), and other spaces
*Stocking your rental with amenities
*Scouting the competition
*Managing guest interactions, including check-in and checkout
*Working with guest feedback
*Promoting your Airbnb rental


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