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Manny Hanif – Total Ecom TakeOver with OTO1


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Total eCom Takeover by Manny Hanif Inside Package :
? 70 ?Over the Shoulder? Videos that walk you through everything you need to do to get to $100+ per day in 48 hours or less? it?s like having an eCommerce expert coming to your home or office and showing you what to do? every step of the way? with no stones left unturned.
? 8 Video modules filled with everything you need to start making money within 24 hours from right now?
? Although this training is simple for ANYONE to follow and see results, you?ll also get access to world class support? We?re here for you if you need us! Total eCom Takeover by Manny Hanif Features :
? How to get started TODAY even if you have never made a penny online or failed with eCommerce in the past
? The simple 5-minute formula for finding a product you can start selling right away? We break this down for you and make it simple? no more wondering if something will sell? you?ll know before you even launch your new Shopify store
? Which product categories sell the best and why? you?ll become an expert at how to quickly find and source products that are ?winners?
? The simple, step-by-step method to get your new Shopify store setup? we make this ?point and click? simple, and you can have your new store up and running, with NO investment out of your pocket? TODAY!
? The exact method we use to consistently get traffic is revealed and simplified? Simply ?copy and paste? what we?re doing inside the course and you?ll NEVER worry about getting traffic ever again?
? Don?t have a lot of money to spend on ads? No problem? We show you how to start with less than $20 and scale that up to a $100+ PROFIT in as little as 48 hours?
? The biggest mistake most eCommerce marketers make and how to avoid the pitfalls that will lead to failure?
? How to make a consistent $100 per day in profit without ever holding any inventory or making a trip to the post office to mail items to people? Fulfillment takes just a few clicks of the mouse and we show you exactly how to do this?
? The secret method we use to sell MORE dollars per customer and increase our profits overnight? many marketers drop the ball here and leave a fortune on the table?
? The exact tools we use to simplify sourcing products and getting everything setup? Don?t worry, most of them won?t cost you a penny!
? How to quickly scale up your income to six-figures without increasing your workload and time spent? This will show you exactly how you can build an eCommerce EMPIRE and quit your day job? for good!
? Plus, a whole lot more? Total eCom Takeover by Manny Hanif teaches you the same model :
? Use Shopify
? Find a hot product (steps shown inside)
? List it on your site for $0.00 plus $8.95 shipping
? Set up Facebook ads to get traffic to the Shopify store
? When you make the $9.95 sale, go to AliExpress and buy the product for $0.55
? Have AliExpress seller send it direct to the buyer
? Make the margin between $9.95 and $0.55 = $9.45
? Take out the Facebook ads costs (typically somewhere between 20% and 50% of your gross revenue)


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