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Published on: December 14, 2020
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Watch this 20-year marketing veteran and award-winning Hollywood filmmaker reveal the tricks to creating amazing videos that INCREASE SALES IN JUST HOURS sell like crazy, and require absolutely no expertise…And how you can sell more by using the same techniques, tricks, and step-by-step processes that Hollywood writers use to make your videos and sales letters much more compelling and convincing.


The system consists of a dozen step-by-step methodologies to increase your conversion rate trough storytelling, and over four hours of instructional videos, spread over five modules.

Its about as close to a storytelling formula as you can get.

Module 1: VVhy Tell Stories?
You’ll learn about all the benefits that Hollywood techniques can bring to your business, how it can increase your sales significantly, and you’ll see an amazing example of a marketing video that actually transformed a business literally overnight.

Module 2: Strategy You’ll build the foundation of your video strategy, so the messages of your videos, and the types of videos you produce make sense for your particular business, rather than just blindly following what others are doing in your space.

Module 3: Character You’ll learn the very simple but powerful secret to getting
your customers to trust you, and to care about you and your product just as much as you do.

Module 4: Beginnings You’ll learn techniques and tricks to help you start your videos off strong, grab your audience’s attention immediately, and more importantly keep their attention. These are some of the key secrets to learn that increase your sales

Module 5: Middles and Endings You’ll learn tactics to generate great ideas for your videos, structure them properly, and finish your videos off with great, compelling endings that sell. Learning these secrets will save you loads of time in quickly developing a video that


Bonus #1: The Key To Structure As a bonus, you’ll also get a module that details the structure used for the most popular types of marketing videos, so you don’t have to figure them – out for yourseff If you make video sales letters, understanding the best structure to use is a MUST, and its all detailed out for you, step by step. Also included are basic structures for demo videos, tutorial videos, testimonials, interviews and product reviews.

Bonus #2 The Hollywood Quick Sales System As a second bonus, you’ll also get a simple 12-step process to help you better focus your current marketing messages, and see improved sales, all without writing a single word. Its the most efficient method to focus your messages, and cut out all the unnecessary fat to keep people engaged in your message.


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