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Marcus Passey – Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 2.0


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Dear Fellow Warrior,

On September 28th 2011 Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 1.0 was released right here in the Warrior Forum

The response from everyone here was insane, in fact over 1,600 warriors grabbed their copy in record time

And ever since we’ve received HUNDREDS of requests to release a sequel, with all the latest and greatest packed into a brand new guide!

So after months of hard work, research and along with the help of mega marketer Dean Holland we’ve gone and created something FAR superior to version 1.0

Something That Will Literally

But first before we reveal everything to you, let us ask you something…

Have you ever had the need for any of the following services?

Writers… Graphic Design… Keyword Research… Backlinking… Facebook… Twitter… Blog Tasks… Submission Services… Programmers… Traffic Generation…

The list goes on and on!

And the fact is, if you ever plan on growing your online business or ever want to live the true I.M lifestyle and not be stuck at your desk all day then you must outsource.

Quick Question…

Can you do everything yourself?

We can’t, in fact most people can’t so you’re extremely skilled if you can

BUT… The more important question is – Even if you could, SHOULD you do everything yourself?

The clear answer is no.

Sometimes (although we don’t like to admit it) other people can do certain things better than we can.

Don’t worry it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

However without the right people to turn to for these tasks…

You Will Struggle!

We both used to find it very tricky to find people that could actually deliver what we wanted.

We’d spend hours looking on sites like Odesk and Elance, searching through trying to find ‘a good one’ only to be let down by the ones I chose.

Of course it’s not just finding the best (because THE BEST often come with the highest price tag)

So our search became clear…

We had to find and compile the best of the best outsourcers available online.

PLUS we had to make sure those we found and tested were also affordable to everyone.

You see, although it is my goal to quit it one day just like Dean to be my own boss, right now I have a full time job that I must work at to support my wife and children.

So I can’t pay out hundreds, or even thousands to outsourcers to get the tasks done that I can’t do.

But I do realise that without affordable, top quality outsourcers to turn to I’d see very little progress online and never achieve my goal of quitting my job.

And so…

After Hundreds Of Requests From Our Fellow Warriors, Months Of Researching, Investing And Testing, The Sequel Finally Arrives


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