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Marianne N. Michaels – Speedy Math Tricks


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Speed thru exams. Enhance your mental math skills, with simple Math tricks. Sharpen your brain. Learn fun math oddities.

Just LAUNCHED in December 2015!
Think FASTER! Think BETTER! Think SMARTER! Make calculations 10^x times faster!
With this course, you will find exactly what you need to SUCCEED!

By the end of this course and after loads of practice, you will have mastered these tricks and will be confident to use them to solve many Math QUICKLY. Who knows, by the end of the course, you might even become a Math ZEN MASTER!!

I designed this course for people with different math’s abilities. It is for anyone motivated to learn how to use these math tricks to speed up your mental calculations and abilities. As you will see, over time you should notice an improved difference in the processing power of your brain!

Speedy Math Tricks can help:

STUDENTS studying in school; especially forCOMPETITIVE STANDARDIZED TESTS, when TIME is SUPER important);

College entrance exams;

ISEE – Independent School Entrance Examination
SSAT – Secondary School Admission Test
HSPT – High School Placement Test

boost and sharpen your brain power
anyone motivated to improve their math abilities
teachers, scientists, gifted math prodigies, anyone who wants to keep learning
anyone who wants to impress your friends with their amazing and talented mathematical mind

In this course, you will learn 15 Tricks for solving Math:

Forget the Zeros when doing math (Trick #1)
Forget the decimal point when doing math (Trick #2)
Quickly Multiply by the number 4 (Trick #3)
Quickly Divide by 4 (Trick #4)
Quickly Multiply by 5 (Trick #5)
Quickly Divide by 5 (Trick #6)
Square a number ending in 5 (Trick #7)
Quickly Multiply by 11 (for 2 digits) (Trick #8)
Quickly Multiply by 25 (Trick #9)
Quickly Divide by 25 (Trick #10)
Quickly Multiply by 99 (Trick #11)
Quickly Multiply by 101 (Trick #12)
Quickly Multiply numbers whose difference is 2 (Trick #13)
Check sums (Trick #14)
Quickly Multiply by 125 (Trick #15)

INVEST IN YOURSELF! Just click “Take This Course? button and you will be on your way to GET STARTED NOW!

What are the requirements?

You will need your brain
a Calculator (but only to check your work!!!)
Keen on learning
pencil and paper

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 6 lectures and 29 mins of content!
add one more course in your repertoire, as you move towards becoming a math genius!
impress your friends with your amazing and talented mathematical mind
boost synapse connections and neurons on the left side of your brain
finish timed tests quicker in school
master tricks to speed up your mental math

What is the target audience?

Boost your brain power
gifted math prodigies
anyone who wants to keep learning
Older folks who want to keep their mind sharp
anyone who wants to impress their friends

Section 1: Welcome!
Lecture 1 Introduction 01:50
Lecture 2 Speedy Math Tricks – Tricks #1 to #4 05:36
Lecture 3 Speedy Math Tricks – Tricks #5 to #10 08:22
Lecture 4 Speedy Math Tricks – Trick #11 to #15 08:40
Lecture 5 Bonus Lecture: Hungry for more Speedy Math Tricks?? Text
Lecture 6 Bonus Video: Hungry for more Speedy Math Tricks?? 04:15



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