Mario Brown And Brian Anderson – Local Marketing Crash Course


Published on: May 11, 2021
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Mario here and the truth is that you’ve heard it all before. I’m not going to bore you with the usual sales letter fluff, so let me cut right to the chase.

What we’re going to do here has never done before and this is your chance to tap into a goldmine before it’s too late.

I know that you might not be happy with the results that you’ve gotten so far online and I’m sure your hard drive is full with ebooks and video courses.

I bet that you have all the theory and book knowledge in the world about Internet Marketing and all the topics around it.

Keyword research, Search Engine Optimization, Article Marketing or Backlinks aren’t new terms for you right?

I guess you actually tried to make this whole online marketing thing work but for some reason you just don’t see the money coming in.

I’ve Been There, Just Like You

I know how frustrating this can be because I’ve been in the exact situation not too long ago.

As you might know, I learned about Internet Marketing just two year ago.

The first couple of month weren’t easy for me and I arrived at a point where I was buying product after product – even trying to make some of the methods work (what a concept) – but I just didn’t see any results, let alone any money coming in.

The only thing that I saw coming in was one bill after another and I wasn’t able to pay in time because I was spending so much money for Internet Marketing education.

Does that sound familiar to you? I bet it does.

The Guru’s make it all sound so easy don’t they. Throw up a website, drive some traffic and make massive cash sitting at home with a cocktail in your hand – and all that within 48 hours; yeah right!


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