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Marisa Peer – Trypnaural (Brainwave Entertainment Meditation) Package


Published on: December 10, 2020
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We create ?high performance minds? using our products backed by research that supports your peak performance & wellbeing.
*Deepest Meditation & Life Transforming Benefits In A Much Faster Time

Like the invention of computers has helped us to get complex tasks and calculations done in a fraction of the time, the innovation of brainwave technology like Trypnaural helps you get into deep meditative states fast.
Get Access To A Growing Library Of The Most Cutting Edge Brainwave Entrainment Music & Meditations Perfect For Therapists, Sound Healers & Anyone Who Wants To Go Deeper With Meditation In A Faster Time.

With Optional License To Resell Your Own Custom Meditations or Hypnosis Sessions (perfect as an extra income stream for therapists)

*Results In A Faster Time

Get zen monk levels of meditation in 15 minutes or less
*Many Benefits

Reduce stress, enjoy deep sleep, be more focused, increase mind power, even start or expand your business with the resell license.
*Side Effect Free

Meditation is proven to help with depression, ADHD, high blood pressure without side effects


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